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Coquille River Lighthouse

Visit the charming Coquille River Lighthouse on the Southern Oregon Coast.

The Coquille River Lighthouse is on the Southern Oregon Coast, 5 minutes north of the charming coastal town of Bandon, and is usually open for tours from May thru September (check hours).

The lighthouse has a picturesque setting at the mouth of Coquille River in Bullards Beach State Park, at the end of Bullards Beach Road.

There's a wide choice of lodging and restaurants at nearby Bandon. You can also reserve a campsite, yurt or horse camp in Bullards Beach State Park.  This year-round campsite is afforded extra protection from the elements in a coastal forest setting, with a paved trail to the beach. Visitors can also enjoy the use of fire rings and picnic tables.

5 best things about Coquille River Lighthouse

1. The Coquille River Lighthouse was the last lighthouse built on the Oregon Coast.

This octogonal lighthouse was built in 1896, and at 47-feet high is somewhat short in stature.  It's the last (still standing) lighthouse built on the Oregon Coast.

2. The Coquille River Lighthouse is usually open for tours May through September.

3. The Coquille River Lighthouse was abandoned for nearly 40 years.

In 1939 the Coquille River Lighthouse was replaced with a light on the Coquille River Jetty. It was abandoned and became part of Bullards Beach State Park in 1963, then finally underwent restoration in 1978. In 1991 a solar light was placed in the tower.

3. It used to have a large foghorn, work room and a lighthouse keeper's quarters.

4. The stairs to the top of the Coquille River Lighthouse are currently closed, due to safety concerns.

5. The Coquille River Lighthouse also provides easy access to the north jetty and miles of sandy beach.  

The surf beach has a boat launch, and is also popular for beach-combing, fishing, crabbing, and mountain biking along the hard packed sand.

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