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Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse is one of the most popular lighthouses along the Oregon Coast, and is located in the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. 

At 93-feet high, Yaquina Head is also the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast.

Visit the excellent Interpretive Center, and climb the Lighthouse.

Set aside 45-minutes to visit the excellent Interpretive Center near the lighthouse.  It's then a short walk to the Yaquina Head Lghthouse along the headland, past Quarry Cove to view sea life in tide pools.  Visitors can also take the stairs down to Cobble Beach to listen to black basalt rocks rumble in the surf.

The final stop is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

Stay at the charming town of Newport.

Consider staying at nearby Newport when visiting Yaquina Heads, with vibrant restaurants and shops along the bustling Historic Bay Front. Don't forget to include spectacular Cape Perpetua on your itinerary, 30 miles south of Yaquina Head.

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse is one mile off the highway along NW Lighthouse Drive. There's a pay station near the entrance.

The first stop is the Interpretive Center, where you can sign up for a lighthouse tour and learn the history of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  You can then walk or drive another 0.4 miles down to the lighthouse.

The stunning pathway flanks the road, and passes Cobble Beach on the way to Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

Savor beautiful views back over Agate Beach and the township of Newport. 

There's a viewing platform with stairs down to Cobble Beach.

The landscape looks dramatically different in winter, when fierce storms lash the coast with 80 MPH winds.

The striking Yaquina Head Lighthouse opened in 1873, and stands 93 feet high, with 5 foot thick walls.

There used to be two Lighthouse Keeper dwellings, a stable and a workshop near the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  These dwellings have since been demolished.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse tours must be arranged at the Interpretive Center.  Otherwise, you are free to climb the lighthouse if an attendant is there.

Climb the 114 stairs to the top of the tower at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

Step inside the lantern room to see the lighthouse.  The active Yaquina Head Lighthouse has a flash sequence of 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off, 2 seconds on, 14 seconds off.

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse was originally equipped with a first order Fresnel Lens manufactured by Barbier & Fenestre in Paris in 1868.  It was automated in 1966.

The original stairs and balustrades have been retained, and children must be over 42 inches high to climb these stairs.

Retrace your steps along the pathway, and take the stairs to the viewing platform at Cobble Beach.

Cobble Beach is lined with basalt stones that make a rumbling sound as the waves wash over them.  

Explore the rich marine life in the tidepools at Cobble Beach at high tide.  To avoid disappointment, call the Interpretive Center to figure out what time high tide is.

Lots of school groups explore the tidepools, full of sea stars and anemones.  

Seal Island is visible 50-feet off Cobble Beach.

Harbor seals laze about on rocky outcrops.

Here's a useful map explaining the layout of the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area.

Continue back up the pathway and through the tunnel beneath the road, to spend more time at the Interpretive Center.

Here's the excellent Interpretive Center at Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  

Learn all about the fascinating history of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

There's also some superb exhibits on local marine life like whales, seals, turtles, and bird life.

The Interpretive Center has also has a small movie area.

Here's a scale model of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

These were the original buildings around Yaquina Head Lighthouse that have since been demolished.

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