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Lincoln City Oregon

Lincoln City is on the Oregon Coast, with a lovely, sandy beach and charming historic district.

Lincoln City is located 2-hours northwest of Portland on the Oregon Coast. It overlooks Siletz Bay, and is sheltered by the north-facing Salishan Spit. 

There's a large stretch of sandy beach inside Siletz Bay, perfect for sunbathing, building sandcastles or wading.  You can also see a colony of noisy harbor seals at the mouth of the Bay.

Lincoln City is famous for its kite festivals, sandcastle contests and music festivals (see events calendar). Visitors can also search for thousands of glass floats left by float fairies along 7-miles of beach north of Siletz Bay!

Lincoln City has a few hotels on the waterfront, like the lovely Looking Glass Inn, or popular Coho Oceanfront Lodge.

10 best things to do in Lincoln City

1. Find the historic crab archway to the Taft District.

You can't miss the entrance to the historic Taft District on 51st Street with its distinctive crab archway.

This Historic District is the original commercial center of Lincoln City. In the early 1900's it was an isolated area occupied by a few homestead families, who gathered at the "Taft Tideflat" for social gatherings, to pick up mail and purchase supplies. Many traveled by boat along the river to get to Taft. Everything changed once the highway arrived in 1926 and tourism flourished, shifting development to along the Highway 101 corridor. You can still still single-story craftsman cottages from the 1920s lining the street today.

2. Enjoy a waterfront meal along 51st Avenue in the Taft District.

Mo's Restaurant is a popular choice along 51st Avenue (see photo below).  It's just near the pier overlooking Siletz Bay, and has been serving delicious seafood and cocktails for over 70 years. 

3. Stroll along the beach in the Taft District at Lincoln City.

It's only a short walk from Southwest 51st Street to the surf beach, where the ocean empties into Siletz Bay

This is the view from the north shore of Siletz Bay, overlooking the tidal mudflats near the the Four Brothers rocky outcrops.

4. Peer through the telescope on the Siletz Bay Pier at the seal colony.

A large colony of harbor seals is often visible at the mouth of the Salishan Spit, visible from SW 51st Street.  During springtime the colony becomes even more crowded with the birth of seal pups.  Their grunts, growls and barks can be heard all the way across Siletz Bay.

5. Find 7,000 free glass floats along the beach at Lincoln City!

When strolling along the beach at Lincoln City Oregon, you might be lucky enough to find a hand blown glass float left by the city for visitors to find.  These resemble the old glass floats that used to wash up from Japanese fishing crews.  A team of float fairies have placed 7,000 free hand-blown floats above the high tide line on the beach at Lincoln City, from Siletz Bay at the Taft District, stretching 7-miles north up to Roads End State Recreation Site.  Finders keepers!

6.  Go crabbing & clamming.

The beach at Lincoln City Oregon is a popular location for crabbing and clamming.  Get a license by visiting Eleanor's Undertow on SW 51st Street, in the bright pink building.

7.  Design your own glass artwork at the Lincoln City Glass Center.

To watch a free glass blowing demonstration or design your own glass artwork, visit the Lincoln City Glass Center in the Taft Historic District. Choose from designs like paperweights, votives, flowers and hearts, then watch a glass artist bring your design to life!  You can also browse two galleries full of beautiful glass artworks.

8.  Visit the North Lincoln County Historical Museum.

Discover all the local history in this fascinating area, like early fossils and artifacts, and the burgeoning tourism industry when the Oregon Highway opened up this area to visitors.

9. Hike to spectacular Cascade Head or Drift Creek Falls.

If you'd prefer to spend some time hiking the local area, the Lincoln City Hiking Guide provides a great overview of popular hikes.

There's a 1.5 mile hike through lush forest to Drift Creek Falls where you can observe these dramatic falls from a 240 foot suspension bridge.

The walk out to Cascade Head is one of the most iconic hikes on the Oregon Coast, with a trail along a massive two-mile basalt headland jutting out into the ocean, that provides breathtaking views of the coast. It overlooks a picturesque sandy spit and estuary, marking the entrance to the Salmon River. 

For a shorter walk through a lovely garden, visit the Connie Hanson Garden on NW 33rd Street.

10. Rent a kayak or paddleboard at Devils Lake.

Boating enthusiasts might enjoy a visit to Devils Lake, north of Siletz Bay.  There are boat rentals at Blue Heron Landing, including kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, wave runners, motor boats and pontoon boats.

11.  Find fun activities for kids.

If you have kids, the Chinook Winds Casino Resort also includes a Play Palace and Games Galore for kids, and a golf resort for adults.

12. Visit three great viewpoints, directly south of Lincoln City Oregon.

  1. Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint (14 miles south).  This oceanfront park has an open grassed area with rocky coastline and inlets eroded into the cliffs.

  2. Lookout at Cape Foulweather (15 miles south).  Cape Foulweather is along the Otter Crest Loop, and was first discovered by Captain James Cook in 1778 on a stormy, foul-weather day.  This dramatic coastal location often experiences winds of up to 100-MPH.  There is also a gift shop at the lookout for souvenirs.

  3. Devil's Punch Bowl State Park (17 miles south).  Devil's Punch Bowl is a collapsed sea cave on the edge of the ocean.  Watch the winter surf churn within the bowl of this former cave.  Whale spottings are also not uncommon from this viewpoint.  Just nearby, visit Mo's West for delicious seafood in a casual setting, or the beautiful tasting room at the Flying Dutchmen Winery.

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