Top 20 Oregon Trips

Jonsrud Viewpoint

See one of the most iconic views of Mt Hood at the Jonsrud Viewpoint in Oregon.

Jonsrud Viewpoint is 40 minutes east of Portland Oregon, in the town of Sandy. There's a small parking lot just steps from this easily accessible viewpoint, near the intersection of Bluff Road and Green Mountain Street.

Jonsrud Viewpoint has some of the best views of Mt Hood, even more popular at dawn or dusk when you can see the spectacular alpenglow.  

The township of Sandy is home to some great restaurants, including yummy crepes and pies at Le Happy Creperie and Bar, and the warm ambiance of the Tollgate Inn Restaurant and Saloon. The rustic Boring Brewing Company serves small batch hand crafted beer.

Stay overnight at the Best Western Hotel in Sandy, or travel 14-miles east to Welches to the Mt Hood Oregon Resort or Whispering Woods Resort.

5 best things about Jonsrud Viewpoint

1. The panoramic Jonsrud Viewpoint offers some of the best views of Mt Hood.

2. It's an iconic spot for professional photographers.

3. Jonsrud Viewpoint overlooks the final section of the 2,000 mile Oregon Trail.

The Oregon Trail stretched from Missouri to Oregon for immigrants who wanted to move out West in the 1800s.

The final section is known as Barlow Road, constructed in 1846 to enable covered wagons to finally cross the Cascades. This was achieved by widening a pedestrian trail that Indians had used around the south side of Mt Hood.  The wagons crossed a long ridge known as the Devil's Backbone, then descended to the watershed of the Sandy River through to Portland. Over 50,000 travelers used this route and many perished. 

To get a rough idea of where this route is today, drive the section of Highway 26 between Sandy and Government Camp.

4. The beautiful Sandy River flows just below.

The Sandy River's headwaters originate at Mount Hood, and it then flows 55-miles northwest to the Columbia River.  Visit Oxbow Regional Park 8-miles north of Jonsrud Viewpoint to get a closer look at this lovely river.

5. Find cool attractions near Jonsrud Viewpoint.

Take your kids to the fabulous Meinig Memorial Park playground at nearby Sandy.  It has a wood structure with towers, turrets and bridges to climb, and will keep your kids amused for hours!  

Travel 35 miles east along Highway 26 past Government Camp to the Timberline Lodge and Ski Area.  The historic lodge is an Oregon icon, with incredible views of the south flank of Mt Hood.  Enjoy a meal or drink at the restaurants and explore the beautiful craftsmanship inside the lodge.  Overnight stays are also available.

The White River West sno-park is another 20 minutes east, with a parking lot directly off Highway 35.  In winter it's popular for snow-shoeing, and in summer it's a superb opportunity for a photo of the magnificent White River flowing from Mt Hood in a pristine, wilderness area.  It can get windy, so take a jacket!

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