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Neskowin Oregon

Visit romantic Proposal Rock at Neskowin on the Oregon Coast.

Neskowin is 2 hours drive from Portland on the Northern Oregon Coast. 

It's a quieter beach destination, with a sleepy town that includes a cafe, bistro, gourmet food store, ice-cream truck and post office, and plenty of vacation rentals.  

5 best things to do in Neskowin

1. Visit Neskowin Beach to see the famous Proposal Rock.

To get to Proposal Rock, park at the Neskowin Beach Recreation Site then walk out towards the rock. This spectacular setting is popular with photography enthusiasts, but always be careful of sneaker waves, and don't attempt to climb on the rock. Legend has it that a sea captain proposed to a local girl at the rock in the late 19th century, thus earning it the name Proposal Rock. As a result, this stretch of beach has been a popular destination for proposals. 

The water along the Oregon Coast is too chilly for swimming, but you can sunbathe, bring some sand toys for the kids, take long beach strolls, or wade in the creek that flows out to the ocean while taking in this incredible scenery.

2. Stay overnight at beautiful Neskowin.

Book a room at the beachfront Proposal Rock Inn (pictured), or stay at the super luxe Breakers Beach Houses by Meredith Lodging, overlooking the ocean. 

3. Visit during winter time to see the ghost forest.

During winter time the beach at Neskowin also reveals a fascinating 2,000 year old forest from Sitka Spruce Trees that were buried during an ancient mudslide. The stumps are visible protruding from the surface of the sand, and were revealed after a storm in the late 1990's.

4. Enjoy delicious food.

Hang out on the friendly patio at the Cafe on Hawk Creek, and savor scumptious foods like crab cakes, steamer clams, wood fired pizza, burgers and salads.  

You can also pick up some gourmet food at the Newskowin Trading Company's deli serving a wonderful selection of baked goods, wine, burgers, sandwiches, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches. 

5. Drive a few minutes south to Lincoln City.

Take a short trip down to Lincoln City just 14 miles south of Neskowin, to visit a glassworks gallery, observe a loud sea lion colony, and stroll along the magnificent beach to find the thousands of glass floats left behind for visitors by the glass fairies.

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