Top 20 Oregon Trips

Silver Falls Nature Play Area

The Silver Falls Nature Play Area is FREE to visit.

This nature play area is at the stunning Silver Falls State Park, a 1.5 hour drive south of Portland Oregon, located at the North Falls Group Camp parking lot.

The idea behind the Silver Falls Nature Play Area is to get kids connecting with nature.  A 1/4 mile path connects sixteen animal themed play areas, beneath a lovely, forest canopy.

There's a wide choice of structures for kids to climb up, crawl through, or dig. 

Each facet of this playground is designed to foster a love of nature from kids, with hands-on experiences.

5 best things to do at Silver Falls Nature Play Area

1. Search for wooden eggs in the Crows Nest.

2. Explore a hollowed out log.

3. Climb up a structure designed to mimic the limbs of a tree.

4. Dig for rocks and fossils in a dirt pit.

5. Step inside a secret teepee made from branches.

Visit 10 breathtaking waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park.

After visiting the Nature Play Area, explore the Trail of 10 Waterfalls at the Silver Falls State Park, and walk behind four of these magnificent waterfalls!  The Silver Falls State Park also has a cafe and gift shop at the South Falls Day Use Area, and cabins and campsites for overnight stays.

Stop by the children's area at the nearby Oregon Garden.

The beautiful Oregon Garden is 14 miles away, and has has a children's garden with a sandbox to play in, treehouse, hobbit tunnel, and model train. 

Don't miss the fabulous holiday lights at the Oregon Garden.  Book a room at the fabulous Oregon Garden Resort, with a cosy restaurant and outdoor swimming pool, then step outside to see the lights along a forested trail.

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