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White River Snowpark

White River Snowpark

Enjoy magnificent views of the south face of Oregon's Mt Hood.

White River Snowpark is along Highway 35 at Mt Hood, and has an iconic view of the south face of Mt Hood, popular with photographers.

Best of all it's super easy to get to, located a little over an hour from Portland Oregon, at a parking lot off Highway 35 known as "White River West Sno Park" on Google Maps.

Always check road conditions before driving up to Mt Hood.  

The park is located on Federal Land and no fee is required.  

What to do at White River Snowpark?

In summer when the snow has melted away, the White River Snowpark is the perfect spot for a photo opportunity as the beautiful White River carves a path through the rocky terrain.  

In winter, White River Snowpark is popular for tobogganing and tubing, with the amazing backdrop of Mt Hood.  

Just steps from the highway and you get to experience these incredible views.  No hike required!  It's so easy to drive by and miss this, so be sure to include this stop on your itinerary. 

This is the view from the highway.

Other cool things to do in this area.

If coming from Portland Oregon, complete the scenic mountain drive along Highway 26 that eventually merges into Highway 35, passing scenic townships like Sandy and Government Camp.  Stop at Jonsrud Viewpoint at Sandy, and take the detour to historic Timberline Lodge just past Government Camp.  Highway 35 continues another 35 miles past the White River West Sno Park to the tourist town of Hood River.

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