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Hood River Wineries

Drive a popular winery loop in the picturesque foothills of Mt Hood near Portland Oregon.

The Hood River Wineries Loop is 1-hour east of Portland Oregon, at Exit 62 off Highway 84 on the Columbia River.

Drive along charming rural roads in the Hood River Valley, lined with vineyards and orchards. Stop for wine tastings while enjoying gorgeous views of snowcapped Mt Hood.

Stay overnight in nearby Hood River, with a great selection of lodging, brewpubs, and fine dining restaurants.  The waterfront park has has a beach area popular for watersports like paddleboarding, windsurfing and kiteboarding.

5 best Hood River wineries to visit

1. Enjoy wine tasting and picnics at Cathedral Ridge Winery.

After taking Exit 62 off Highway 84, your first stop is the award winning Cathedral Ridge Winery.  This attractive winery is adorned with brightly colored flower baskets.  It has a well tended garden and shaded lawn popular for wine tasting and picnics.  

The views across the vineyards to snowcapped Mount Saint Helens are spectacular.  Mount Saint Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, covering the surrounding landscape in ash.

2. Hang out on the relaxed patio at Marchesi Winery.

Next stop on your Hood River Wineries tour is Marchesi Winery, where you can experience an old world European-style winery with a lovely tasting room and relaxed patio.

The outdoor patio area at Marchesi Winery has a lovely setting amongst the vineyards, and is one of the nicest patios along the Hood River Wineries route.

Step inside Marchesi Winery for a wine tasting.

​3. See amazing views of Mt Hood from Phelps Creek Vineyards.

Phelps Creek Vineyards is a short distance away, located on the Mount Hood Golf Course. Enjoy incredible views of Mount Hood from here, across rolling hills with vineyards.  

Phelps Creek Vineyards has a lovely gift shop inside.

The winery has views across the Mt Hood Golf Course.

​4. Sip wines beside a pond and waterfall at Wy'East Vineyards.

Travel up a winding road to Wy'East Vineyards, where visitors can relax in a lovely outdoor patio beside a beautiful pond with a waterfall. 

Step outside to the peaceful patio area beside the pond.

​5. Visit the sleek interior of the Mt Hood Winery.

The Mt Hood Winery is next, and is housed in a modern, spacious building with unsurpassed views of both Mount Saint Helens and Mount Hood. These are possibly the best views along the Hood River Wineries route.

This is the spacious tasting room at Mt Hood Winery.

​6. U-Pick fields of flowers and fruit at the charming Gorge White House.

The final stop is the The Gorge White House.  This historic farmhouse offers the perfect setting for a wine tasting.  The surrounding garden is simply exquisite and popular for photography enthusiasts.  In summer months, visitors can venture out into the U-pick fields to select cherries, strawberries, and blue-berries, and wander through fields of bright flowers.  This is the best U-Pick opportunity along the Hood River Wineries route.

Lodging near Hood River wineries.

Stay the evening at the nearby Hood River Township and choose from a wide selection of excellent restaurants and accommodation.

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