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Hug Point Oregon

Explore mysterious beach caves and a waterfall at Hug Point, on the Oregon Coast.

Hug Point is only a 5 minute drive south of the upscale tourist town of Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. 

It's also easily accessible along Highway 101, so no hike is required.  Visit Hug Point to see ancient sea caves, an enchanting waterfall, and a sandy beach hemmed in by majestic Sitka spruce forest.

Make a day trip out of a Hug Point, and combine it with a visit to nearby Oswald West State Park and the charming seaside town of Manzanita.

5 best things to do at Hug Point Oregon

1. Walk a few steps from the parking lot down to the beach at Hug Point.

The parking lot at Hug Point has restrooms, and a small grassed area with picnic tables, however no overnight camping is allowed.  Arrive early in summer months, because it can get super busy.

Follow the short path down some stairs to the sand.

2. Explore a picturesque stream meandering out to the ocean at Hug Point.

The beach at Hug Point is traversed by a lovely stream flowing out to the ocean.  There are also tidepools full of starfish and sea-anemones for exploration. The foreshore of the beach is a little rocky, but gives way to smooth sand.

3. See ancient sea caves.

Look closer at the caves carved into the magnificent, sandstone cliffs.  Caves were formed where the softer sandstone was eroded by waves from winter storms, millions of years ago.

4. Walk out to a waterfall at Hug Point.

At low tide you can walk north around Adair Point to reach the Hug Point headland, furthest to the left (see photo below).  Back in the 1800's there was no highway, so all Oregon Coast travel was along the beach.  The cliff at Hug Point was blown out so stagecoaches could 'hug' the headland and get to the other side at low tide. Ruts are still visible in the rock, carved by the heavy wheels of these stagecoaches.  This would've been quite the adventure!

There's also a beach waterfall at Hug Point, where Fall Creek tumbles over an eroded cliff onto the sand, with deep beach caves to the left of the waterfall.

5. Experience magnificent views all the way south down the Oregon Coast.

This is the view looking south down the beach towards the Point Meriwether Headland, flanked by dramatic, basalt sea stacks. Further south is Arch Cape, and Oswald West State Park.

Check out the rugged, exposed cliffs, characteristic of the Oregon Coast.  The roots of a sitka spruce tree have been exposed by brutal storms, clinging to life on the edge of the cliff.

Find beautiful lodging near Hug Point Oregon.

Hug Point is just 5 minutes south of charming Cannon Beach, an upscale coastal town with great restaurants and luxurious lodges.  

Explore other things to do near Hug Point.

Other nearby attractions include Ecola State Park with dramatic coastal views, used in three Hollywood movies.   Astoria is a beautiful seaport with a world-class maritime museum, film museum, and waterfront restaurants.  Fort Clatsop is a replica of the fort where famous explorers Lewis and Clark sheltered in the winter of 1805-1806.  Fort Stevens has miles of beachfront, a shipwreck, and military batteries to explore.

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