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Point Loma Whale Overlook

The Point Loma Whale Overlook provides a superb vantage point to observe the annual migration of grey whales past San Diego.

The best viewing time is from late December through March, when the whales return from their summer feeding grounds in the Arctic, to the warmer waters of Baja California for winter. 

The Point Loma Whale Overlook is located at the Cabrillo National Monument on San Diego’s spectacular southwestern peninsula.  Park at the Visitor Center then walk a short distance up the hill to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, then continue 300-feet south past the lighthouse to the Overlook.  

5 best things at Point Loma Whale Overlook

1. Take the gorgeous coastal path to the Point Loma Whale Overlook, only a few minutes from the parking lot at the Cabrillo National Monument.

5 BEST Attractions at Point Loma

2. Stand beneath the shaded awnings at the Point Loma Whale Overlook, reminiscent of the masts on a tall ship. 

3. Peer through the telescopes beneath the awnings, to get a close-up view of the whale migrations.

4. Catch a glimpse of the whales, including their fan shaped tails and spectacular 15-foot high water spouts.

5. Enjoy views of the New Point Loma Lighthouse from the Point Loma Whale Overlook. This was a filming location for Top Gun!

New Point Loma Lighthouse

Point Loma San Diego

Other things to do nearby

Enjoy magnificent views from the Cabrillo National Monument, just near the Visitor Center.  This stunning monument commemorates Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo, the first European explorer to set foot in America between the years 1542-1543.

The Cabrillo National Monument has incredible views across Coronado Peninsula.  Observe the constant buzz of military activity from the Coronado naval base.  If you're lucky, you might see a passing submarine.

The Visitor Center is steps from the Cabrillo National Monument, and has a theater and interesting exhibits.

Walk a short distance from the Visitor Center up the hill to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.  It's open for self guided tours.

Step inside the Assistant Keeper's Quarters to observe the stunning Fresnel lens built in 1891 and other cool exhibits.

Enjoy incredible views outside the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

Take the 1.2 mile Bayside Trail along the bluff's edge, for more magnificent views.

Know before you go

  • Address:  1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr, San Diego, CA 92106.
  • Entrance fees:  check here
  • Hours:  check here
  • Restrooms:  Visitor Center.
  • Parking:  Parking lot just outside the Visitor Center.
  • Best whale watching:  Late December thru March.

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