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San Diego Zoo

The world famous San Diego Zoo has a magnificent garden setting in Balboa Park.

The San Diego Zoo is huge! 

The San Diego Zoo is spread over 100 acres with diverse animal habitats including Australia, Africa, Asia and Alaska.  

The most popular animals are the african elephants, giant pandas, gorillas, giraffes, grizzly bears and koalas.

It's located at 2920 Zoo Drive in Balboa Park. Check admission & hours.

10 best things to do at San Diego Zoo

1. Start off with a bus tour to get your bearings.  Choose from a 35-minute tour on the Zoo’s double-decker bus, or a more in-depth 60-minute tour onboard a discovery bus. 

2. To cut down on walking, board a hop on/off Kangaroo bus that stops at four different locations throughout the Zoo. 

3. For a bird’s eye view of the grounds, take a ride on the aerial tram above the tree-tops.

4. The San Diego Zoo is jam-packed with entertainment.  Stop by the 4D Theater in the Northern Frontier.

5. Attend an animal encounter talk or daily show. 

6. There are also special VIP and Behind the Scenes Tours at the San Diego Zoo, like Early Mornings with Pandas.

7. For kids there’s a miniature train ride just outside the Zoo’s entrance.

8. There's also a playground in the Children’s Zoo just inside the entrance.

9. Try Albert’s Restaurant for a more upscale dining experience in a lost forest with a waterfall.  There are also plenty of casual dining options.

10. Pick up some animal themed gifts at the cool gift shop at the San Diego Zoo.

Know before you go

  • Address: 2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101.
  • Parking: Free parking in the parking lot in front of the Zoo.
  • Restaurants:  Try Albert’s Restaurant for a more upscale dining experience in a Lost Forest with a waterfall.  There are also plenty of casual dining options.
  • Tickets and hours:  check here.

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