Top 20 Washington State Trips

Bremerton Fountain Park

The Bremerton Fountain Park is on the Bremerton waterfront in Puget Sound, just in-front of the excellent Puget Sound Navy Museum

The entire design was built by the same company that did the Bellagio Hotel fountains in Las Vegas!

It's free to visit this waterpark, and the fountains are usually running between March and October.

There are plenty of tables and chairs to relax, or you can dip your feet in the cool water. The beautiful landscaping resembles a Japanese garden, with lots of stunning granite sculptures.

Bremerton has a rich history as a naval warship building town, and so the Bremerton Fountain Park has five giant fountains spouting water, that are lined up like an armada of ships or submarines ready for battle. 

The fantastic Puget Sound Navy Museum is directly behind the fountains.

The spouting water is also reminscent of the volcanoes in the Cascade Ranges in this area. 

Take the Seattle to Bremerton ferry, then walk a short distance from the ferry terminal and down the stairs down to the Bremerton Fountain Park.

From this angle the fountains resemble the conning towers of submarines, rising from the ocean.

The designer responsible for the Bremerton Fountain Park also constructed the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and has completed water features in 20 countries.

Relax at the table and chairs, overlooking the Bremerton Fountain Park.

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