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Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Finnriver Farm & Cidery is 15 minutes south of Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula, and is at the forefront of the cider revival in Washington State.

Its charming Cider Garden features a dining pavilion, taproom for cider tastings, a barn selling cider flights and drafts, and a gift shop, all at the site of a historic 1950s dairy. 

Finnriver Cidery has a bucolic setting, with rustic buildings overlooking farmland in the Chimacum Valley, fringed by an organic orchard filled with apples and pear trees. The Chimacum Creek meanders in the distance, against the stunning backdrop of the snowcapped Olympic Mountains.

Relax at the many tables and chairs on the lawned area to absorb this idyllic atmosphere, while watching your kids at the play area (unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the Cider Garden or orchard).

Finnriver Farm & Cidery was founded in 2008, by neighbors Eric Jorgesen, and husband and wife team Keith and Cristie Kisler. In 2016 they relocated their tasting room a few miles down the road, to the site of the historic dairy. 

Judging by the crowds that flock to this business in all seasons, the founders have hit upon a unique experience!  Plenty of city folk make the two hour journey from Seattle to soak up this slice of heaven, and linger for a few hours in this farmland setting. 

Hours: check opening hours

Address: 124 Center Road, Chimacum.

10 best things to do at Finnriver Farm & Cidery

You'll know you've arrived at the Finnriver Farm & Cidery, when you see the huge grain silo at the entrance, moved here in 2018.  Walk under the silo to discover the Top 10 best things to do at Finnriver Farm & Cidery!

1. Enjoy a meal in the Cider Garden's covered pavilion.

The covered dining pavilion at Finnriver Farm & Cidery is perfect in all seasons, with heaters keeping things nice and toasty in cooler months. Guests are encouraged to use a QR Code to order food, cider drafts and flights.  However, if you're not technologically minded, just ask the friendly staff for a menu.

There's also a row of tables and chairs outside the pavilion, and some adirondack chairs overlooking the orchard and children's play area. 

The delicious menu is on the smaller side, with food items provided by local bakers and chefs. The menu often consists of bratwurst, burgers, sandwiches, salads, cookies and pies, but can change daily. 

It's probably best to peruse the menu before visiting Finnriver Farm & Cidery, to see if there's something that takes your fancy.

Don't miss the 74-foot long table inside the pavilion at the Finnriver Farm & Cidery, constructed from the original cow feeding trough from the dairy, and covered with reclaimed barn wood.  If you don't want to sit at this communal area, there are plenty of smaller tables. 

Finnriver Farm & Cidery attracts all age groups, ranging from young people, to families and retirees. It has something for everyone!

You can order a wide selection of draft ciders (10 oz pours), cider flights, sweet wines, and non-alcoholic cider at Finnriver Farm & Cidery.

2. Shop for ciders at the kiosk at Barnside Flights & Drafts.

Go to the walk-up window at the barn, to order flights, drafts and bottles.

Choose from Finnriver ciders with intriguing names like Wildwood Road, Golden Russett or Autumn's Blush. The organic fruit is sourced from Finnriver Farm & Cidery's 10-acre orchard, or other orchards in Washington State.

These are the Orchard Series ciders, grown in Finnriver Farm & Cidery's very own orchard.

This Botanical Cider selection is from apples grown in the Pacific Northwest, and includes flavors like lavender black currant, forest ginger, cranberry rosehip, and solstice saffron.

These Fortified Fruit Wines are distilled in Port Townsend at Admiralty Distillers.

These Core Ciders (second from the left) are 100% apple.

Local vendors also set up directly outside the barn, to sell their handmade wares.

3. Stop by the Cidery Taproom for a tasting.

The Finnriver Farm & Cidery Taproom is adjacent to the pavilion, and a great way to sample flights and drafts under expert guidance!

The charming exterior of the taproom is clad in old packing materials, with some information boards explaining the history of Finnriver.  It's fascinating to learn about the business philosophy of the founders, and the evolution of this piece of land from native inhabitants, to dairy farm, to today's cidery.  Great pains have been taken to pay respect to the history of this land.

There's also a tasting porch further along from the taproom.  These tables and chairs fill up very quickly in warmer months!

4. Savor a woodfired pizza from Dented Buoy.

You can also order a woodfired pizza from Dented Buoy using a QR code at your table, only open certain days of the week (check hours).  Keep in mind, the ordering process for pizza at Dented Buoy is separate from the kitchen at Finnriver Farm & Cidery.  

So how did they get the name Dented Buoy?  Look no further than the outer shell of their pizza oven, constructed from a silver buoy!

5. Pick up some handmade gifts at the Farmware Store.

The Farmware Store at Finnriver Farm & Cidery has a charming selection of goods sourced from local artisans and farmers. There's a broad array of merchandise, including bottle openers, clothing, cards, coloring books, bath salts, soaps, oils, honey, jam, herbal tea and more! 

There are some unique finds here, like recycled pencils and notebooks!

This healing hemp lotion is from family owned Fay Farm, run out of nearby Port Townsend.

The Fay Farm also produces liquid soap and bar soap out of goat's milk.

This cider soap is handmade by Hidden Hollow Farms, using Finnriver's very own ciders.

Hidden Hollow Farms also makes handmade soaps from other ingredients like lavender black currant.

6. Do a 45 minute Cider Barn Tour & Tasting.

Tour the 'hall of tanks' at Finnriver Cider Barn, and learn all about the process of cider making, including fermentation, aging and bottling. Book here.

7. Listen to a musical performance at the pavilion.

Check the events calendar to find out which musical act is performing at the pavilion.

8. Hang out in the kid's play area.

Parents can enjoy a cider draft or flight, while watching their kids in the play area, with huge tires for climbing, tree stumps to stand on, hula hoops, and cornholes. Plus there's plenty of space to run around in!

There's also some sheep for the kids to look at.

9. Do a self-guided tour of the organic orchard, and the Gratitude Walk.

Finnriver Farm & Cidery has done a fantastic job of explaining the origin, history, use, and taste, of every type of fruit it grows in its orchard.

The Gratitude Walk starts near the orchard, and pays hommage to the land that the cidery operates from, and everything that has come before it.  Plantings have been done alongside the creek, to lower the water temperature and improve conditions for young salmon.

10. Visit the Curbside Pickup area.

Take-out is also available from the Finnriver Farm & Cidery curbside pickup area, right near the entrance. Order from the take-out menu.

This honeybrew kombucha (fermented tea) is from Iggy's on nearby Bainbridge Island.

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