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Freeland WA

Freeland is on the southern end of Whidbey Island, at the head of breathtaking Holmes Harbor. Drive down to Freeland Park to take in these views, or walk up to the historic Freeland Hall (1915) for a bird’s eye view of this magnificent harbor.

There’s no main street at Freeland, so many of the attractions like wineries, breweries, a sculpture garden and glassworks gallery are spread out.

History:  Freeland was incorporated in 1900 by a group of Socialists who formed the Free Land Association. In partnership with a Seattle developer, they sold 5-acre lots to those who wanted to join this Socialist utopia. The colony didn’t succeed, and the Free Land Association went bankrupt by 1920.  Today Freeland is an unincorporated community with roughly 2,000 residents.

10 best things to do in Freeland WA

1. Double Bluff Park

Double Bluff Beach is south of Freeland, and has a 2-mile stretch of sandy beach with soaring views of the Olympic Mountains and Mt Rainier. This is one of Whidbey Island’s most popular beaches.

There’s a small parking lot at the beach next to a grassed area, and a choice of beachfront picnic tables.  Don’t forget to explore the beautiful driftwood sculptures, or take your dog to the amazing off-leash area on the beach.

The double bluffs are at the west end of the beach, but are off-limits to visitors. 

2. Penn Cove Brewing

Penn Cove Brewing is the place to be on a summer’s day, with a fabulous location on a hilltop in Freeland WA, surrounded by a grassy slope and tables.  This is Whidbey Island’s largest brewery and taproom, with a convenient food truck outside. Check hours.

3. Robinson Beach

Robinson Beach is on the west shore of Whidbey Island, with 300 feet of sandy beach overlooking Mutiny Bay.  The beach was donated to the county in 2013 by helicopter magnate, Frank Robinson.  The grassed area behind the beach has a few benches and a volleyball court. There’s also a small gravel parking area near the beach.

4. Blooms Winery

The award winning Blooms Winery has been around since 2003, and has a chic bistro and tasting room in Freeland, with a lovely patio area outside to enjoy seasonal cuisine and wine tastings. Check hours.  

5. Dancing Fish Vineyards

Dancing Fish Vineyards is set amongst rolling lawns and grapevines. The small tasting room is adjacent to a bright, red barn that houses special events. There are bocce ball courts and other lawn games, and plenty of outdoor seating to take in the gorgeous views. Check hours.

6. Earth Sanctuary

The Earth Sanctuary is a sculpture garden in a 72-acre nature reserve in Freeland WA, with trails that wind around three ponds.  The founder, Chuck Pettis, has a 500-year plan to return this slice of land to old growth forest.  The sculptures include two stone circles and medicine wheels, a labyrinth, ley line sculpture, Budha Stupa Monument, and contemporary sculptures. Check hours and fees.

7. Hierophant Meadery

Hierophant Meadery is easily accessed off the highway, and sells botanically infused honey wine (otherwise known as mead), elderberry syrup and spices.  There’s a large tasting room with a great gift selection, and a patio outside. Check hours.

8. Freeland Park

Freeland Park has incredible views of Holmes Harbor along a log-strewn section of beach. It has a playground, covered picnic shelter, and boat ramp, and is relatively quiet compared to other parts of Whidbey Island.

9. Freeland Hall & bluff

Walk up the bluff from Freeland Park to the historic Freeland Hall (1915).  The hall was the meeting place for the “First Thursday Club” group of local Freeland women, whose purpose was the “uplifting of women”.  Today the hall is a popular wedding venue, with stunning views from the expansive front lawns, and some old growth trees.

10. Island Art Glass

Island Art Glass in Freeland WA is run from a home studio by two local artists, and features exquisite glass works for interiors and gardens. Check hours.

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