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Wilderbee Farm

Visit one of the most beautiful Tasting Rooms on the Olympic Peninsula.

Wilderbee Farm is 3-miles west of the charming seaport town of Port Townsend, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

The highlight is the spectacular tasting room inside a barn, serving mead flights, glasses and bottles. It has such an amazing ambience you'll never want to leave, with exposed rafters draped in fairy lights, and rustic walls filled with striking artworks.

Outside the scene is no less enchanting, with u-pick lavender and flower fields in summer, and a pumpkin patch to visit in early October. There's also serene nature trails to explore, fun farm animals to see, and a farm store with handcrafted woodwork and lavender products.

Everything is produced and grown on the farm, including the mead, lavender essential oils, pumpkins, squash, flowers, honey and wool.

Wilderbee Farm is one of four cideries/meaderies on a driving loop near Port Townsend, that includes Wilderbee Farm, Finnriver Cidery, Eaglemount (Wine, Cider & Mead), and Alpenfire Cider.  Set aside a day to cover off all four!

Address: 223 Cook Avenue, Port Townsend. Check hours.  No food is available for purchase, but you can bring a picnic and use one of the picnic tables.

10 best things to do at Wilderbee Farm

1. Visit the stunning tasting room.

The tasting room at Wilderbee Farm is housed inside a barn known as the Meadery, and was constructed in 2017, and opened in 2019.

It has a welcoming, rustic ambiance, and the friendly owners are on hand to assist you with mead selections, made from the farm's own honey.  Mead is also known as honey wine, made from the core ingredients of honey, yeast and water.

Mead is also the oldest alcoholic drink known to mankind, and was once favored by the vikings.  

There's plenty of seating in the spacious tasting room at Wilderbee Farm.

The mead selections include tastes, flights, pours and entire bottles, all made at Wilderbee Farm. These range from dry to sweet dessert meads.

This is a typical tasting flight at Wilderbee Farm.

The fermenting room for mead is visible behind the bar, and the server is happy to explain the entire mead making process!

2. Purchase paintings and crafts.

The tasting room has a fantastic selection of paintings and woodwork by local artisans.

The holiday season is the perfect time to visit and shop for a unique gift.  

These exquisite woodwork pieces are all for sale.

Products include cutting boards, wine bottle holders, coasters, and serving boards.

Wilderbee Farm also makes 100% pure blackberry blossom honey.

You can also purchase lavender and rose geranium lotions and soaps.

Check out the incredible craftsmanship of these handmade coasters!

These handmade Christmas ornaments would look perfect on any tree.

3. U-pick lavender and flowers at Wilderbee Farm during summer.

Roam the fields of Wilderbee Farm to u-pick bunches of organic lavender and flowers during summer, using the baskets and ties provided. In summer the fields are an explosion of color, with popular flowers like dahlias, sunflowers and daisies.  Wilderbee Farm also offers unique experiences, like a wedding flower u-pick, where you invite wedding guests to pick flowers for your wedding bouquets!

4. Visit the pumpkin patch in October.

Wilderbee Farm has an enviable selection of organic pumpkins, including varieties like the orange Jack O'Lanterns, pint sized Sugar Pies, bright yellow Owl's Eyes, and white skinned Caspers.  Visitors are provided with a wagon that they can wheel out into the field to select their favorite pumpkins.  Always call ahead to see if there are any pumpkins left.

5. Stop by the Wilderbee Farm Store for more gift ideas.

The Wilderbee Farm Store is a short walk from the tasting room, housed in a charming red farm building.

There's a wider selection of gifts than the tasting room, including candle holders, birdhouses, garden art, lavender products, honey, and British Soay Sheep wool.

This "4-across" game looks like a lot of fun, and is much more visually pleasing than the modern, plastic version.

Have you ever seen such a striking collection of cutting boards?

These handcarved mushrooms would look perfect on a mantelpiece.

The lavender products are all produced on Wilderbee Farm, and there are plenty of testers to try out the scents.

The lavender products include essential oils, feet lotions, soother balms, lip balms, bath salts, and water spritzers.

Find unique, once-off pieces for your garden art!

There's even an outdoor, miniature table designed for a squirrel!

The craftsmanship on these handmade bird houses is superb.

6. Check out the huge copper distiller used to boil and condense lavender flowers into essential oils.

This copper distiller is at the far end of the Wilderbee Farm Store, and is used to make lavender products.

7. Sit on the fun tractor outside the Wilderbee Farm Store!

8. See the rare British Soay Sheep at Wilderbee Farm.

The Soay Sheep at Wilderbee Farm are one of the oldest breeds of sheep in the world, surviving for thousands of years off a remote island near Scotland.  They are significantly smaller than the average domesticated sheep, and have horns. 

9. Explore the short nature trails on the property.

There are some very short trails on the property, including a path that passes a duck with ponds.

10. Visit the Ceramics Open Studio above the Farm Store (late spring, summer).

Sign up for one of eight spots at the Ceramics Open Studio in a loft above the Farm Store, complete with all the tools and equipment you need.

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