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Chocolate Flower Farm

The Chocolate Flower Farm is a picturesque 8-acre farm on Whidbey Island with a gift shop, charming grounds to explore, and friendly goats to feed.

The gift shop sells unique, chocolate infused products, like chocolate jams, lotions and candles, and rare chocolate flower seeds.

The farm has been extensively featured in media publications like Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and CNN Travel, but most notably on a HGTV episode of a gardening show.

The Chocolate Flower Farm started out as a mail order business in 2004, then opened a store in the nearby township of Langley in 2008.  The store closed in 2020 when Covid hit, and they are now selling their products directly from a vintage shed on their 1923 farm.

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5 best things to do at the Chocolate Flower Farm

1. Shop the Garden Shed.

Wander inside the rustic Garden Shed gift shop at the Chocolate Flower Farm, to find a fantastic selection of chocolate infused products, including chocolate jam, mint tea, candles, and bath and body products. There's also delicious truffles, salted caramels and handmade chocolates, and some rare seed kits for flowers that produce a chocolate scent. 

Chocolate Flower Farm's Famous Creamy Fudge.

Essence of Chocolate Candles.

Dark Chocolate Salt Sea Caramels, and Chocolate Coated Almonds and Cherries.

2. Identify a Chocolate Cosmos Flower.

Stroll through the gardens at the Chocolate Flower Farm to find the famous Chocolate Cosmos Flower, with velvety, maroon-colored petals.  Its rich, chocolate scent is strongest on a hot summer’s day.  The flower originated from Mexico, and derives this chocolate scent from the presence of vanillin, also found in cocoa.

3. Find other flowers with a chocolate aroma.

Explore the garden at the Chocolate Flower Farm to see if you can identify other chocolate flowers with the distinctive maroon coloring, like dahlias, violas and sunflowers (pictured below).  The Chocolate Daisy has the strongest chocolate aroma of all the flowers, but is actually bright yellow!

4. Feed the goats.

Kids will love feeding the four goats at the farm, with plenty of peanuts provided by the farm.

5. See other farm animals.

Find other farm animals at the Chocolate Flower Farm, like Marans chickens, American Buff geese and Chocolate Runner ducks.

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The beautiful grounds of the Chocolate Flower Farm.

An old tool shed infront of the gift shop.

The rooster at the entrance to the Chocolate Flower Farm.

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