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Fletcher Bay Winery

The award winning Fletcher Bay Winery is on Bainbridge Island, has has both a downtown tasting room in the township of Winslow, and a winery nine miles north. Their grapes are primarily sourced from Crawford Vineyard in Yakima Valley in Washington State.

The winery opened in 2012 in Coppertop Business Park, and is adjacent to other businesses like Bainbridge Brewing and Bainbridge Organic Distillers. There's both a front and back patio, and a tasting room where samples can be offered directly from wine barrels.

The downtown tasting room opened in 2018, and is next door to the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. It has a chic interior, and a stunning rooftop deck with amazing views of Puget Sound and Seattle. It's only one block from the ferry terminal, so is a great choice for visitors without a car.

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The winery is adjacent to Bainbridge Brewing, in the Coppertop Business Park.

Fletcher Bay Winery has a front patio that flows into a tasting room.

This is the tasting room at the winery.

The tasting room at Fletcher Bay Winery overlooks the parking lot.

There are some gifts for sale.

The back patio at Fletcher Bay Winery is more secluded, and has comfortable chairs, and lots of tables.

There's plenty of space on the back patio.

The Fletcher Bay Winery Downtown Tasting Room is in the township of Winslow, along popular Winslow Avenue. It has a main floor tasting room and a rooftop deck with views of Seattle and Puget Sound.

The tasting room has a front patio that overlooks Winslow Avenue.

There's also plenty of seating inside.

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