Top 20 Washington State Trips

Langley WA

Visit a charming town on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

Langley is 2-hours north of Seattle, at the south end of Whidbey Island.

If you're looking for the perfect island escape, then plan a getaway to Langley.  It's often referred to as the Village by the Sea, with breathtaking views of the Saratoga Passage. 

Langley has a great selection of gift shops, wine bars, and restaurants along First Street, and two museums. 

Stay overnight in a choice of luxurious lodges with unsurpassed water views.  You can also use Langley as a base to explore other attractions on Whidbey Island.

Directions: If traveling from Seattle, drive 20 minutes north to Mukilteo, take the 20-minute Mukilteo Ferry, then continue 10 minutes north to Langley.  The other option is to cross Deception Pass Bridge at the north end of Whidbey Island, then drive 45-minutes south to Langley.

Lodging: Book luxe lodging at the Saratoga InnInn at Langley, and Boatyard Inn. The retro Langley Motel is a more affordable option, and has been beautifully renovated. You can also stay at a charming B&B known as the Country Cottage of Langley 

10 best things to do in Langley 

1. Explore charming shops along First Street.

Spend an afternoon exploring First Street in Langley, including boutiques, home goods stores, gift shops and galleries.

Shop for home goods at the stylish Grayhorse Mercantile or Artisan Crafted Home, or find something unique at Fair Trade Outfitters. Admire the artworks at Rob Schouten Gallery, then browse the book selection at Moonraker Bookstore.  Walk one street back to Sweet Mona's Chocolates, to pick up some gourmet chocolates.

First Street in Langley is compact and easily walkable, with steps that lead down to the waterfront.

Langley is the perfect destination to pick up a unique gift, and becomes especially festive during the holiday season with beautifully decorated storefronts.

After an afternoon of shopping, stop for a glass of wine at Ott & Hunter Wines.

2. Dine at both casual and upscale restaurants in Langley.

Langley has a decent selection of restaurants, that cater to all tastes. 

Try the Braeburn Restaurant for yummy breakfasts and lunches. Enjoy ramen, craft beers, and sake at Ultra House, or get a casual pub meal at Spyhop or the Double Bluff Brewing Company

Families will love the Village Pizzeria with an outdoor seating area in summer, and wonderful views over Saratoga Passage.

The Inn at Langley restaurant offers an incredible upscale dining experience, or you can stop by the swanky Saltwater Fish House and Oyster Bar. Enjoy the classy atmosphere and waterviews at Savory, a restaurant.

The rustic Spyhop Pub is a great choice for families.

3. Visit the South Whidbey Harbor marina for stunning views of Saratoga Passage.

Enjoy breathtaking water views of Saratoga Passage from the South Whidbey Harbor marina, a short distance from Langley's downtown (check pier hours). Bring a picnic and stop for lunch at the tiny Phil Simon Memorial Park on the waterfront at the marina.

Savor incredible views of the Olympic Mountains across the marina at Langley.

Stroll out along the pier at the marina, for incredible views of Saratoga Passage.

The boat ramp at Phil Simon Memorial Park at the marina, is a great place to launch a kayak.

4.  Take the stairs down to Seawall Park beach.

At low tide, follow the stairs off First Street down to the beautiful beach at Seawall Park at Langley.  Find small treasures in the sand like clam shells or driftwood, and sink your feet into the soft sand.  There's some picnic benches on the grassed area.  Ring the bell if you see an Orca, and let the whole town know!

Ring the whale sighting bell at Seawall Park Beach at Langley.

5. Grab a coffee at The Commons Cafe & Books.

The Commons Cafe & Books has a friendly vibe and is a popular, community hang out in Langley.  The patio is ideal for warmer days, surrounded by gorgeous cottage gardens.

6.  Visit the Langley Whale Center Museum for latest Orca sightings.

Stop by the small Langley Whale Center Museum (105 Anthes Avenue) to get the latest information on Orca sightings in the local area (check hours).  The Salish Sea is home to a permanent community of 73 Orcas across three pods, so you might be treated to a whale spotting!

It's great to get a more in-depth understanding of the marine life that thrives in these waters; like whales, harbor seals, elephant seals and sea lions.  You can also check out marine pelts and skeletons at the museum from marine mammals.

Kids are welcome here, with a small play area with toys and games.  There's also a gift shop.

7. Learn about local history at the South Whidbey Historical Museum.

Visit the tiny South Whidbey Historical Museum (314 Second Street), housed inside an old logger bunkhouse (check hours). Learn about Whidbey Island's early beginnings as a hub for the logging and fishing industries. 

8.  Stay in a luxurious Langley lodge.

Langley has a fine selection of luxurious inns, with some of the best lodging in Washington State.  These include the Saratoga InnInn at Langley, and Boatyard Inn. Start planning a weekend away!

This is the Saratoga Inn in Langley, along Cascade Avenue.

The waterfront Inn at a Langley has a beachfront setting.

9. Indulge at the Chocolate Flower Farm. 

The Chocolate Flower Farm is a few minutes drive west of Langley, and has a beautiful gift shop housed in a rustic shed. Purchase handmade chocolate, truffles, and salted caramels, chocolate candles and jams, and flower seeds that produce a flower with a chocolate scent!  Check hours.

10. Explore nearby wineries.

The closest wineries and distilleries to Langley are the idyllic Comforts of Whidbey Island, award winning Whidbey Island Distillery, and picturesque Spoiled Dog Winery.  You can also follow Highway 525 for a 15-mile driving tour of the 8 BEST Whidbey Island Wineries.

Comforts of Whidbey Winery, with views of Puget Sound.

11. Enjoy a meal or browse gifts at Bayview Corner.

Bayview Corner is a short drive from downtown Langley, home to the stunning Bayview Nursery and gift shop, with the lovely Flower House Cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, coffee and pastries. The historic Bayview Cash Store (1924) is directly behind the Bayview Nursery, and was once the community hub for picking up household and farming supplies.  Today it's home to an art gallery, the Taproom at Bayview Corner, and Whidbey Donuts serving breakfast, lunch, and of course yummy donuts!

Sit outside on the patio at the beautiful Flower House Cafe

20. Visit a bakery in a forest.

Seabiscuit Bakery has an enchanting setting in the woods, just 10 minutes from Langley. You can dine inside the rustic barn or outside on the attractive patio, while enjoy baked goods and bread, all prepared from scratch on the premises. They also serve Mukilteo Coffee, wine, beer, and cocktails, breakfast items, soups and salads, and sandwiches. Check hours.

As an added bonus, the bakery is right next door to Cultus Bay Glass, which is a working art glass gallery. Check hours.

Nearby attractions to Langley:

  • Greenbank Farm (20 minute drive from Langley). Nearby Greenbank Farm has art galleries, a wine shop, cheese shop, and the scrumptious Whidbey Pies.  It's housed in a huge, red barn beside a wetlands area.  There's also a small kid's play area to hang out.  
  • Meerkerk Gardens (20 minute drive). Peaceful Meerkerk Gardens is also close to Langley, with stunning rhododendrons along meandering paths.  It's usually fairly quiet here, and wonderful respite from some of the busier places on Whidbey Island. 
  • Coupeville (35 minute drive). The pretty town of Coupeville is north of Greenbank, lined with well preserved Victorian homes.  You might recall Coupeville's main street from the 1998 movie Practical Magic (1998) with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.  It's other claim to fame is that it's the second oldest town in Washington State. Walk out to the iconic Coupeville Wharf, breath in the bracing sea air, and have a coffee at the end of the wharf.
  • Price Sculpture Forest (35 minute drive): The free Price Sculpture Forest is near Coupeville, and has two loop trails full of stunning sculptures. It takes about 1-hour to complete.
  • Fort Ebey (40 minute drive). Enjoy incredible views of the snowcapped Olympic Mountains from Fort Ebey, about 40 minutes drive from Langley.  Explore 25-miles miles of gorgeous bluff trails overlooking Admiralty Inlet.  Take your flashlight and step inside an old coastal defense fort, or inspect the awesome gun emplacements.
  • Fort Casey State Park (40 minute drive). The breathtaking Fort Casey State Park also has a network of fascinating military batteries to explore, and is a 30 minute drive from Langley.  The batteries were once part of the Ring of Fire guarding the entrance to Puget Sound.  Tour the Admiralty Head Lighthouse.
  • Lavender Wind Farm (40 minute drive). Just north of Fort Ebey, don't miss the Lavender Wind Farm.  It has 17 varieties of lavender in it's fields. There's also a gift shop with lavender lotions, bath salts, teas, and jams.  Step outside to explore the fun lavender labyrinth.
  • Deception Pass State Park (60 minute drive). Further afield is Deception Pass State Park.  This requires a long drive to the north end of Whidbey Island, one hour from Langley.  See the dramatic Deception Pass bridge, and wander along dramatic West Beach and North Beach. 

Directions to Langley

If traveling north to Whidbey Island, take the 20-minute ferry from the Mukilteo Ferry Terminal to Whidbey Island, then drive 6 miles north to Langley.  (Mukilteo is 20-minutes north of Seattle).  If traveling south, you can avoid a ferry crossing by driving across Deception Pass Bridge to Whidbey Island, then 45-miles down to Langley.

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