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Leavenworth Reindeer Farm

Visit the fun Leavenworth Reindeer Farm and see reindeer up close.

The Leavenworth Reindeer Farm is 2.5 hours east of Seattle, near the bavarian-style town of Leavenworth.

Walk inside an enclosure full of Caribou Reindeer and hand feed them!  There's also free range chickens, ponies, horses, goats, pigs, and rabbits. 

The fun play area has bouncy reindeers and a swingset.  During the festive season, take a photo with Santa in his sleigh inside a rustic barn.  Sit on the vintage tractor parked outside the barn for another great photo opportunity.

The farm is located at 10395 Chumstick Highway, Leavenworth WA 98826, and you can check ticket availability here. Tours fill up quickly in November and December, so book months ahead.

5 best things to do at Leavenworth Reindeer Farm

1. Walk inside an enclosure full of Caribou Reindeer and hand-feed them!

Unlike other species of reindeer, both male and female Caribou have antlers.

Caribou shed and grow back their antlers each year. The males shed their antlers after breeding season in November, and the females in May after they have given birth.  So logically all of Santa's reindeer must be female!

Hand-feed reindeer at the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm.

2. Get up-close to ponies, horses and other farm animals.

3. Check out the fun play area at the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm, with bouncy reindeers, and a swingset.

4. Follow the candy canes to the barn, and take a photo with Santa on his vintage sleigh.

5. Gather around the campfire and let an expert tell you all about the fascinating Caribou Reindeer!

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