Top 20 Washington State Trips

Ludlow Falls

The trailhead to Ludlow Falls starts 1.3 miles west of the Port Ludlow Resort on Puget Sound.

The short loop trail (0.5 miles) traverses a tract of stunning forest, leading to the 30-foot Ludlow Falls.  There's plenty of interpretive signs along the way, explaining the history, geology, flora and fauna of this beautiful spot. 

On-leash dogs are permitted on the Ludlow Falls trail.

Start at the small parking lot with the "Welcome to the Interpretive Trail" sign.

5 things to do at Ludlow Falls

1. Start at the temporary entrance to Ludlow Falls.

2. Take your dog for an on-leash walk along the interpretive trail at Ludlow Falls.

3. Stand on the edge of Ludlow Creek.

4. Take the stairs up the hill, with 98-feet of elevation gain.

5. Walk back down to the Ludlow Falls Overlook, to see the 30-foot falls.

6. Identify the different salmon upstream and downstream of Ludlow Falls.

7. Cross the bridge.

8. Learn about the geology of Ludlow Creek.

9. Learn about the Ludlow Creek flood of 1996.

10. Identify the different types of ferns at Ludlow Falls, including sword and licorice ferns.


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