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Port Angeles City Pier

The Port Angeles City Pier is in downtown Port Angeles, at the end of Lincoln Street. It's adjacent to the bustling Port Angeles City Wharf with restaurants and shops.

Visitors can walk to the the end of the Port Angeles City Pier, and climb four flights of stairs up a tower to experience incredible 360 degree views of the Olympic Mountains to the south, and Victoria BC to the north.

The entrance to the Port Angeles City Pier has an open grassed area with tables and benches, overlooking sandy Hollywood Beach. It's also a popular spot for live music and concerts in summer.

There's some brightly colored murals at the entrance to the pier, depicting the earliest pioneering days in Port Angeles. The Feiro Marine Line Center is just beyond these murals, with plenty of fun touch-tanks for kids. 

5 best things to do at Port Angeles City Pier

1. Walk out along the Port Angeles City Pier and climb the tower for incredible views.

It's a short walk out to the Port Angeles City Pier.

Climb four levels of stairs up to the viewing platform, for incredible views.

Look south towards Port Angeles and the snowcapped Olympic Mountains. The Red Lion Hotel has a fantastic location on the waterfront, and overlooks Hollywood Beach.

The Port Angeles City Pier is also popular for fishing.

The views north of the Port Angeles City Pier look across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, towards Victoria B.C. and San Juan Island in Washington State.

2. Ring the "Peace through Trade Bell" (1989)

The "Peace through Trade" bell is near the entrance to the Port Angeles City Pier, and commemorates the Washington State Centennial in 1989.

3. Admire the murals at the Port Angeles City Pier.

The Ennis Creek Mural (above) is a depiction of the Puget Sound Cooperative Colony, founded in 1889. These ambitious settlers desired a new life in an experimental, utopian colony, and built an opera house, churches and a steamship. Although the colony only lasted a period of 10 years, the settlers continued on in Port Angeles.

The second Ennis Creek Mural depicts a Klallam Tribal Village (1750) on the Port Angeles Waterfront, with traditional kayaks carved from cedar logs.

4. Visit the Feiro Marine Life Center.

The Feiro Marine Life Center is an aquarium on the waterfont, with touch-tanks, an octopus, and jellyfish! Check hours & admission.

5. Enjoy a picnic lunch or relax on a bench near the entrance to the pier.

There's plenty of space to enjoy a picnic lunch at the entrance of the pier, and free summer concerts at this spectacular location.

The Port Angeles City Pier also overlooks Hollywood Beach.

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