Top 20 Washington State Trips

Seabrook WA

Seabrook is a coastal town on the Washington State coast, south of the Olympic National Park. It’s a 2.5 hour drive from Seattle.

Seabrook was founded in 2004, and has a charming town center, situated on a bluff overlooking a rugged beach. 

The neighborhoods are reminiscent of a New-England village, with shingled houses, enchanting laneways, and front porches where you can chat with your neighbors, or gather around a fire-pit at night.

There’s no need to drive, because everything is just a 5-minute walk from your vacation rental in this compact town!

Below are the 15 best things to do in Seabrook, including:

  • Restaurants, shops, cafe, wine-bar, and fresh foods market.
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Playground & zipline
  • Bike rentals & trails
  • Forest & beach walks
  • Clam digs
  • Basketball, pickleball, tennis courts
  • Soccer field
  • Day trips to Olympic National Park

15 best things to do in Seabrook

1.  Vacation rentals

Seabrook has a huge selection of vacation rentals.  The rentals range from cottages or townhomes for smaller groups of 2 or 4, all the way up to large homes perfect for big family gatherings. Each rental has a full kitchen, and many have ocean views, patios and hot tubs outside. You can also purchase food from the Fresh Foods Market for your vacation home.

The vacation rentals are meticulously maintained, with beautiful interiors and furnishings. Roughly half of the homes at Seabrook are available to rent.

There are also some oceanfront properties for rent at Seabrook, with breathtaking views of the coastline.

2. Seabrook restaurants

Seabrook has 3 restaurants in the town center, and has really upped their culinary game in recent years. The food here is surprisingly good!

The oven-baked pizzas at Frontager’s Pizza Company are popular with families, and there's a lovely patio outside.

Relax inside Frontager’s Pizza Company, with plenty of tables and bar seating.

Koko’s Restaurant has delicious Latin cuisine in a fun atmosphere, and serves enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, and tacos, washed down with tequilas and margaritas.  There’s also a nice outdoor area with peep-through ocean views.

The Rising Tide is Seabrook's gourmet pub, with a sleek interior, and all the usual favorites like burgers, chowders and salads, and a kid’s menu. Visitors will love the fully stocked bar.

3. Stowaway Wine Bar

Order wine by the glass at the sophisticated Stowaway Wine Bar (21+ only), and sample delicious small plates, flatbread and charcuterie.

4. Seabrook breakfast

There are 4 different choices for breakfast in Seabrook. The Rising Tide Tavern and Koko’s Restaurant have a yummy breakfast menu.

There’s also a weekend breakfast spot known as the Belfry, tucked away behind the Town Hall in the town center.

You can also purchase some healthy toast, wraps and bowls at the Blue Juice and Salad Bar.

5. Vista Bakeshop & coffee

Get your morning coffee fix at the Vista Bakeshop in Seabrook. Choose from the gourmet selection of baked goods like croissants, cinnamon rolls and cookies from an accomplished pastry chef who worked at one of Seattle’s top restaurants.

The coffee is ordered at an outdoor window, perfect if you're walking your dog.

Sit inside the spacious, trendy interior with lots of board games for the kids, or grab a table outside. You can also pick up some beautifully curated gourmet food items inside.

6. Bike rentals

Bikes are the preferred mode of transport along Seabrook’s charming streets.

You can rent a bike at Buck’s Northwest, including mountain bikes, beach cruisers, tandems, and child bikes. As you can see below, the beach cruisers have fat tires, perfect for the soft, beach sand.

Buck’s Northwest will also provide you with a trail-map, or you can book a guided bike ride. Seabrook has nearly 8-miles of mountain biking terrain, with trails ranging from beginner to advanced. These exhilarating bike trails traverse forests, old logging roads, and hillsides with Pacific Ocean views. 

7. Seabrook Beach

There are 3 different access points to Seabrook Beach.  The closest access point to the town center is off Pacifica Lane, near the main entrance to Seabrook. 

The water at Seabrook Beach is too cold for swimming, but you can take long walks and enjoy the rugged beauty of the Washington State coastline.

Kids can fly a kite, build a sandcastle, or inspect the driftwood shelters on the beach. Never turn your back on the ocean, and be extra aware of King Tides in winter.

8. Sweet Life Candy Shop

The Sweet Life Candy Shop is one of the most popular places in Seabrook. It has an old fashioned, retro ambiance, with jars full of colorful candy, ice-cream scoops, and a dazzling array of sweets. It’s a great place to pick up an inexpensive treat for your kids, and becomes a daily ritual for many families.

Visitors gather outside the front of Sweet Life to enjoy their ice-creams.

9. Brooklets Toys

Brooklets Toys will keep the little ones amused, with a fantastic selection of unique toys, costumes, games and so much more.

9. Joie de Livres books

No beach-town is complete without a bookstore, especially for those long, rainy days in the Pacific Northwest.  The delightful Joie de Livres caters to all ages, ranging from toddlers, tweens, teens and adults.

There's also lots of other diversions like coloring books, puzzles and games.

Check out the fun reading nooks in the kid’s section to curl up with a book.

10. Boutiques & home goods

Seabrook’s town center is full of shops.

Pick up some trendy outfits at Magnolia’s Boutique.

Find some gorgeous home-wares at Seaworthy Home, or luxe gifts and spa services around the corner at Spa Elizabeth.

Shop for caps, hoodies, and fleece at Seabrook Goods and Apparel (pictured aboved), or at the Red Cedar Surf Company.

11. Candle making

Create a custom made candle in an elegant space at Lorraine’s Candle Studio, in Seabrook's town center.  

12.  South Crescent Pool

The indoor swimming pool and spa at Seabrook is a big hit with families. It’s probably the most popular activity at Seabrook, sure to keep your kids entertained for hours.  Come rain or shine, this is the place to be.  There’s also plenty of seating around the pool for parents. Towels are supplied at the pool, and there are change rooms and showers on-site.  However, there are no lifeguards, so swim at your own risk.

13. Seabrook Playground

Seabrook Playground is in a beautiful, forested setting up the back of town. There’s all the usual play equipment like swings, slides, monkey bars and climbing towers, and a fun zip-line. 

The less busy Kucera Park is closer to the town center, and boasts an incredible, oceanfront view. It has a nature playground with a few stumps and rocks to climb on. There’s also a lovely picnic table area, with a fire pit for cooler evenings.

14. Basketball court

Visit the outdoor basketball court, directly adjacent to the Seabrook Playground. Don’t worry about bringing your own basketball, because there are always a few available here.

15. Pickle-ball and tennis courts

The pickle-ball craze has overtaken Seabrook, and two courts are available for visitors.  Choose from the ocean-view court at Kucera Park.  There’s also a pickle-ball court and two tennis courts across the road from Seabrook Playground.  Visit the front desk at Seabrook for pickle-balls and paddles.

16. Crescent Park soccer & volleyball

Lovely Crescent Park is Seabrook’s largest park, and is adjacent to the swimming pool. 

Visitors can use the soccer and volleyball nets, or play in the large, grassed area.

Seabrook sometimes runs fun events at Crescent Park, like this laser tag course for kids.

17. Old Stump

Kids can step inside a giant cedar stump in the Mill District of Seabrook, perfect for a photo opportunity.  The stump is a reminder of the majestic cedars that once lined this coastline, some up to 1000 years old before they were cut down.

18.  Gnome Trail

The Gnome Trail is a family favorite, and starts at the Old Stump.

The trail runs 10 minutes down a sloped trail through a forest, before reaching the highway. 

Kids can search for gnome houses in this magical setting.

They can also gather some materials like leaves and sticks, and let their imagination run wild by building their own gnome home.

19. Elk Creek Trail

Cross the highway at the end of the Gnome Trail, then continue 15-minutes along the Elk Creek Trail until you reach the beach. However, this trail gets wet and muddy in spring and winter, with lots of exposed roots. It can be difficult to navigate, especially for kids.  This is more suited to adults who might be seeking a little adventure.  Don’t forget the rain boots for the puddles and mud!

20. Clam digs

Visit Buck’s Northwest at Seabrook, to get all the equipment you need for a fun clam dig out on Seabrook Beach.  The Washington State Department of Wildlife approves clam digs at certain times of year.  If you don’t know anything about clamming, then sign up for a guided tour with an expert from Buck’s Northwest.

21. Surfing and skimboarding lessons

If you’re looking for some excitement, book surfing, skimboarding and paddleboard lessons at Buck’s Northwest. Wetsuits and boards are also available for rent.

22. Fire-pits

A lovely way to finish the day, is to gather around one of the communal fire-pits at Seabrook and toast some s’mores.  The fire-pits come fully stocked with wood, so all the hard work is done for you. 

There are fire-pits at every Seabrook park, including Kucera Park (with ocean views), South Alder Park (with a bocce court), Beach Camp Park, North Alder park, and Crescent Park.

23.  Dorothy Anderson Cabin

The restored Dorothy Anderson Cabin is north of Crescent Park in Seabrook. It was constructed in 1929 by Norwegian immigrant Dorothy Anderson, using driftwood.  Dorothy built a cluster of 8 cabins known as “Dorothy’s Tourist Harbor”, 11-miles south of Seabrook at Ocean Beach. This is the only surviving cabin, and was relocated to Seabrook.

24.  Day Trip to Olympic National Park

Seabrook is less than a hour from the southern border of the world famous Olympic National Park.  It’s a great base for exploring key attractions at this National Park, like the stunning Lake Quinault rainforest and Lake Quinault Lodge (40 minutes drive), and wild ocean beaches like Ruby BeachKalaloch Beach and Kalaloch Lodge (1 hour and 20 minutes drive).

25. Shorter drives

If you’re looking for a shorter trip, then drive 5 minutes up the road from Seabrook to Pacific Beach. Stop for coffee at the Surf House Café, then walk out to the Pacific Beach State Park

The Museum of the North Beach is a few more minutes up the highway at Moclips, and has some great exhibits.  It’s fascinating to learn that this was once the most prosperous area of Washington State, fueled by the logging and fishing industries.  In the early 1900’s thousands of tourists took the train all the way up the coast to Moclips, then stayed at the grand Moclips Beach Hotel.  However, in 1911 and 1913 a series of devastating storms washed away this 150-room hotel, and the town's fortunes declined. 

26.  Walking tour of Seabrook

Join Seabrook founder Casey Roloff for a walking tour, where he explains his vision and plans for this quaint coastal town, based on the principles of New Urbanism. How many chances do you get to meet a guy who actually created a town from scratch!  Below is a model of the township, available for everyone to see, located in the main sales center.

Let's finish up with some random photos of Seabrook.....

Many of the homes at Seabrook have carriage houses, like this grand home on Crescent Park.

These homes are one block from the town center.

Seabrook has so many picturesque laneways to explore.

Some of the lofts above the shops, are available as vacation rentals. This puts you right in the town center.

These welcoming front porches are a big feature of Seabrook homes.

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