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USS Turner Joy

Tour the USS Turner Joy navy destroyer from the Vietnam War.

The USS Turner Joy is a retired navy destroyer from the Vietnam War, moored at the Bremerton waterfront near Seattle. It was decommissioned in 1982. 

To get to Bremerton from Seattle, choose from a pedestrian ferry (30 minutes), or car ferry (60 minutes), leaving from the Seattle waterfront.

The drive from Seattle to Bremerton takes 75 minutes.

For a small admission fee, visitors have almost unlimited access to the USS Turner Joy. The self guided tour has narrow ladders and stairs down to the lower levels of the ship. 

Check hours & admission to tour the USS Turner Joy.

5 interesting things about the USS Turner Joy.

  1. You can visit many rooms inside the USS Turner Joy, including the Officer's Mess, Executive Officer Stateroom, Radio Central, Captain's Quarters, Mess Hall, Engine Room, Control Room, Surgical Room, and Captain's Bridge. 

  2. The USS Turner Joy was involved in the famous Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 4, 1964 off the coast of North Vietnam. This resulted in greater American involvement in the Vietnam War

  3. The USS Turner Joy has incredible firepower, including a 3 Mark 42 5"/54 caliber gun mounts that fires 70 pound projectiles at 40 rounds a minute.

  4. This 418 foot ship weighs 4,050 tons when fully loaded.

  5. It once housed a crew of 300 enlisted men and 19 officers.

Visit two free naval museums near the USS Turner Joy

Tour the free Puget Sound Navy Museum, just steps away from the USS Turner Joy on the Bremerton waterfront. 

The free Naval Undersea Museum at nearby Keyport is also worth a visit. Some charming towns near Bremerton include Poulsbo or Winslow at Bainbridge Island.

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