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Chief Seattle Grave

The Chief Seattle Grave is in the small town of Suquamish on Puget Sound, part of the Port Madison Reservation.

To get to Suquamish from Seattle, take the 35 minute Bainbridge Island Ferry, then drive 15 minutes up to Suquamish.

The Chief Seattle Grave is in a cemetery about a 5 minute walk up the hill from the Suquamish waterfront, just off NE South Street.

It's also a 5 minute walk from the grave to the excellent Suquamish Museum, detailing the fascinating history of the Suquamish people who have occupied this area for thousands of years, and their famous leader, Chief Seattle.

This is Chief Seattle's Grave. He was well known for his diplomacy, and was one of the first to sign the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855, preserving hunting and fishing rights in exchange for land.

The headstone reads: "Chief of the Suquamish and Allied Tribes. Died June 7, 1866. The firm friend of the whites, and for him the City of Seattle was named by its founders".

The Saint Peter Mission Church is just a short distance from the Chief Seattle Grave.  It was established in the mid 1850s, but rebuilt in 1906 after burning down. Many Native American Catholics are buried here.

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