Top 20 Washington State Trips

Ediz Hook

Ediz Hook is on the north shore of Port Angeles in Washington State, and is a naturally occuring spit extending 3-miles into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

You can drive, walk or bike the first 2-miles along this spit, before turning around at the Coast Guard Base at the end of the spit (the final mile is not open to visitors).

The two main parks at Ediz Hook are the Sail and Paddle Park, and Harborview Park, and there are plenty of benches and picnic tables to enjoy the glorious views. Don't forget to visit at sunset!

5 best things to do at Ediz Hook

1. Walk, bike or drive along Ediz Hook (2-miles one way).

2. Enjoy a picnic at two different parks on the spit.

Stop at either Sail and Paddle Park or Harborview Park for a picnic, with pull-out sections for cars.

3. See incredible views back over Port Angeles, including Mt Angeles and Klahhane Ridge.

Walk out along Ediz Hook to see amazing views over Port Angeles, with snowcapped Mt Angeles and the Klahhane Ridge visible in the Olympic Mountains.

4. Kayak or SUP from inside the protected Port Angeles Harbor.

Launch your Kayak or SUP from the Sail and Paddle Park, on the calmer side of Ediz Spit on Port Angeles Harbor.

5. Explore the beach at low tide on the western side of Ediz Hook.

The western side of Ediz Hook has choppier waters, and is more exposed to the open ocean. This side of the spit's shoreline is protected by piles of rip-rap. If the tide is far enough out, you can walk along the beach here. Don't forget to look north across the water to Victoria BC, and northeast to San Juan Island.

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