Top 20 Washington State Trips

Remlinger Farms

Visit an amusement park for little kids at Remlinger Farms near Seattle.

Remlinger Farms is 40 minutes east of Seattle in Carnation, with a Family Fun Park perfect for younger kids.

Adults also come here to visit the country store and restaurant, for delicious treats like handmade pies, jams and seasonal fruits.

The Family Fun Park has a mini-roller coaster, carousel and ferris wheel. There's also cool rides like flying pumpkins and spinning barrels. Kids can float down the river on a canoe, or navigate the twists and turns of a pedal car circuit. 

The whole family can join in the fun by riding together on the antique automobile circuit or steam train. Remlinger Farms also has plenty of farmyard animals for kids to interact with, like goats, ducks, cows, geese and chickens.

Remlinger Farms is at 36210 NE 32nd Street, Carnation. Check hours & tickets (rides only open summer and early fall).

10 best things to do at Remlinger Farms

1. Ride the Flying Pumpkins that soar through the air.

2. The mini-rollercoaster at Remlinger Farms provides plenty of thrills.

3. The Pedal Cars at Remlinger Farms have their own track with twists and turns to navigate.

4. Ride the Antique Automobile Circuit.

5.  Step onboard a steam train that travels around Remlinger Farms.

6.  The mini-ferris wheel is a big hit at Remlinger Farms!

7. Float down a lazy river in a canoe.

8. Have fun on the Spinning Cups at Remlinger Farms.

9. So much fun for little kids on the Mini-Carousel.

10. Visit the hay barn at Remlinger Farms, to climb through tunnels and climb walls of hay.

11. There's so many farm animals to see.

12. Visit the restaurant at the entrance to Remlinger Farms, or the kiosk and snack bar inside the Family Fun Park.  

13. Pick up some fresh produce at the Country Store at Remlinger Farms, like scrumptious pies and a seasonal selection of fruit.

Other fun things to do with kids near Seattle!

  • Tacoma has a FREE Childrens Museum, the Point Defiance Aquarium, a playground, beach and trails at Point Defiance.
  • Olympia also has an excellent Childrens Museum (admission required), a FREE science museum, and a city park with a fun wading stream for kids.
  • Leavenworth has a range of winter and summer of activities that appeal to kids (mini-golf, sledding, playgrounds, reindeer farm, Kris-Kringle store).
  • Elbe has Northwest Trek with a 40-minute tram tour to see elk, bison and deer, and a fabulous nature playground for kids.
  • Seattle has the Aquarium,  Woodland Park Zoo, Pacific Science Center, and a kid's section at the Museum of Flight.

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