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Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo is conveniently located ten minutes north from Seattle's downtown, in a beautiful, park-like setting.

The attractive Woodland Park Zoo is home to a number of great exhibits. 

Some highlights include the African Savanna with zebras, giraffes, lions and hippos, the Tropical Rainforest with gorillas, jaguars and lemurs, and Willawong Station where visitors can feed native Australian birds. 

The Zoomazium is also a big hit with kids.  It's an indoor play area perfect for rainy days, with climbing structures, slides, a tree house, and art projects. The zoo's Historic Carousel is another fun activity for kids.

The Woodland Park Zoo is at 601 North 59th Street, 20 minutes north of downtown Seattle. Check hours & admission.

10 best things to do at Woodland Park Zoo

1. Get an up-close look at brown bears in the Northwest habitat.

There's a pond in-front of this habitat for underwater viewing.

2. See brightly colored flamingos strut their stuff!

3. Peer down into a Tropical Rainforest with gorillas.

4. Feed native Australian birds at the Willawong Station. 

A cockatiel is being fed by a zoo employee.  

Colorful Rosellas, native to Australia.

The green bird at the top is a budgerigar, part of the parrot family.

5. The Zoomazium has a kid's play area, with a magic tree to climb up.

There's an enclosed play area for toddlers and babies near the entrance.

The Zoomazium has Keva blocks, soft toys, and lots of art projects for little kids to do.

6. The Woodland Park Zoo is full of fun nooks and crannies, like this underwater viewing area for Humboldt Penguins.  

7. Say hi to a mob of cheeky meerkats.

8. Walk on raised walkways through the beautiful, forested surroundings of the Northwest habitat.

9. Take your kids to see the farm animals in the Temperate Rainforest.

10. Walk-through the Aviary at Woodland Park Zoo.

RIP - The Komodo Dragon named Selat, now sadly deceased.

Know before you go

  • Woodland Park Zoo address: 601 North 59th Street, Seattle.
  • Opening hours & admission: Check here
  • Food Pavilion:  There's a cafe, coffee cart and restaurant.
  • For rainy days:  Ask for the Building Hop map, to shelter from the rain.

The Woodland Park Zoo has a spacious, garden like setting.

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