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The Last Bookstore

Visit America's coolest bookstore, in downtown L.A.

The Last Bookstore is a must-see in downtown L.A, carrying over 500,000 book titles. It's free to visit, located at 453 S Spring St.

Founder Josh Spencer has created a unique space, with two floors of books inside an old 1920s bank building. 

He kicked off the concept in 2015 in a downtown loft, joking that it could in fact be The Last Bookstore, as traditional bookstores were failing. The concept took off, and he relocated a block away to the building on Spring Street in 2011.

Walk slowly, and don't miss the details!  It's like walking through a gallery with incredible art installations everywhere.

10 best things to do at The Last Bookstore

1. Start on the ground floor of The Last Bookstore, full of new and used books.

The Last Bookstore: 10 BEST Things to Do

This whimsical store is full of quirks, from the chandeliers constructed from wheels, to the fun wall sculptures.  There's even a section of books arranged by color spectrum, perfect for interior designers searching for a specific book color.

Look up at the fabulous wall art, and admire the striking white columns from the original bank building.  This street was once full of banks and financial institutions in the roaring 1920's, and was known as the "Wall Street of the West".

2. Hang out on a comfortable chair in this wonderful oasis in the middle of downtown L.A.

The Last Bookstore: 10 BEST Attractions

3. Check out the huge vinyl record collection on the main floor of The Last Bookstore.

4. Make your way up these cool stairs to the mezzanine level.

The Last Bookstore: #1 GUIDE

There's so many nook and crannies to explore at the top of these stairs, as you weave through book tunnels, look through a peep hole, and dead-end in an original bank vault.

5. Enjoy the bird's eye view from the mezzanine level.

The Last Bookstore: Visitor Guide

6. Make your way through the labyrinth tunnel. 

The Last Bookstore - Must See

The labyrinth tunnel is particularly popular with the Instagram crowd, where piles of books have been transformed into an art sculpture.

Guide to The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore highlights

7. Check out the art installation where the books have taken "flight", in a scene reminiscent of a surrealist painting by Dali.

The Last Bookstore exhibits

8. Take a photo through the peep hole!

The Last Bookstore instagram

9. Shop for some unique art. 

The Last Bookstore shares the mezzanine level with the Spring Arts Collective, where artists in residence sell their wares.  There are so many unique finds here, perfect for gift giving.

10. Step outside the entrance of The Lake Bookstore, to admire early 20th buildings in downtown Los Angeles.

These beautiful downtown L.A. buildings were thankfully preserved from the wrecking ball.  It almost feels like you're walking through New York or Chicago!

Know before you go

  • Address:  453 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (downtown Los Angeles).
  • Hours: here.

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