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Bellevue Downtown Park

The Bellevue Downtown Park is in the heart of the Eastside Seattle neighborhood of Bellevue, with stunning views of the Bellevue skyline and Mount Rainier.

This beautiful 21-acre park has a grand plaza at the south end, with a striking water feature.

A staircase then leads to a 0.5-mile circular promenade around a lawn area. One side of the promenade has a canal, with plenty of benches along the way. There’s also a 240-foot wide Infinity Waterfall.

One of the other major highlights is the incredible Inspiration Playground that opened in 2017, at the southwest corner of the Bellevue Downtown Park.

5 Best Things to Do at Bellevue Downtown Park

1. Half mile promenade 

Stroll along the elegant 0.5 mile promenade that circles the park, with a canal flanking one side of the promenade.

The tree-lined promenade has lots of shade in summer.

2. Inspiration Playground

Inspiration Playground opened in 2017 at the Bellevue Downtown Park.  There's lots of fun, tactile experiences for kids, and plenty to climb, swing and jump on!  The splashpad operates during summer.

Play on the drums, or watch the Wisdom Tree glow after dark at the Whimsy Plaza.

Bang on the xylophone!

Slide down or climb this whimsical play structure, straight out of the pages of a fairytale.

3. Lawns

Throw a frisbee or enjoy a picnic, on the 10-acre lawn area at Bellevue Downtown Park, while enjoying superb views.

4. Infinity Waterfall

Find a quiet place on a bench, and admire the 240-foot wide Infinity Waterfall cascading into a reflective pool. You can often spot lots of ducks at the base of the waterfall.

5. Union High School

Walk along the Northeast Gateway Entrance (Northeast Fourth and Bellevue Way), to see the site of the Union High School that operated here from 1930 to 1983.  In 1983 the land was acquired by the City of Bellevue, to be developed as the Bellevue Downtown Park.

The prominent archway leads to the formal garden.

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