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Magnolia Boulevard

Magnolia Boulevard Viewpoints is in the Seattle neighborhood of Magnolia, roughly 15 minutes northwest of Downtown Seattle.  

The boulevard runs across the western blufftop of Magnolia, with soaring views of Puget Sound, Mt Rainier and the Olympic Mountains. Unlike more popular viewpoints like Kerry Park, it never gets that busy.

The views are so incredible that you'll often find tour buses up here, or see car commercials being filmed along this stretch.

The best starting point is the clearly marked "Magnolia Boulevard Viewpoints" parking lot, which has room for 18 cars.  It's the only parking lot up here. From here you can sit in your car and enjoy the views, or start walking north along the pedestrian path that flanks the road along a strip of green space.  The awesome views continue for about half a mile along this path, before Magnolia Boulevard turns inland.

The Magnolia Viewpoint is clearly marked with this bright sign on Magnolia Boulevard.

The parking lot at the Magnolia Viewpoint can accommodate 18 cars, and is surrounded by stunning madrona trees. These madrona trees were mistaken for Magnolia trees by the navy surveyer in 1856, thus leading to the neighborhood being named Magnolia.

The west facing views encompass the snowcapped Olympic Mountains and Bainbridge Island.

The south facing views from Magnolia Boulevard include the Seattle Space Needle and Mount Rainier.

There's some expensive real estate along Magnolia Boulevard.

Find plenty of lawned areas with benches, or enough space for a quiet picnic while taking in the views along Magnolia Boulevard.

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