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Marina Beach Park

Marina Beach Park is a beautiful, sandy beach in the charming township of Edmonds, 20 minutes north of Seattle. It’s located a few minutes drive south of Edmond’s downtown, and is the largest beach in this area. 

The large lawn area behind the beach is popular for BBQs and family get-togethers in summer, and there are picnic tables on the sand and grass.

The northern end of Marina Beach Park also has a waterfront playground and fun volleyball court, and the southern end has an off-leash dog park.

Visitors can gaze out at the majestic Olympic Mountains across Puget Sound, while savoring west-facing sunsets from Marina Beach Park.

5 best things to do at Marina Beach Park

1. Hang out on the beach in summer (no lifeguards)

2. Enjoy a beachfront picnic or BBQ

3. Take your kids to the beachfront playground

4. Go to the off-leash dog park

5. Enjoy sunsets over the Olympic Mountains

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