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Juanita Bay Park

Juanita Bay Park is a few minutes north of Kirkland, and is the perfect place for a relaxing walk in tranquil surroundings.

The park has a picturesque location on Juanita Bay, with an 110-acre protected bird habitat, nestled amongst wetlands and freshwater marshes.

The bird life is abundant, with 200 species of birds, like loons, waterfowl, songbirds and pheasants. There are even frequent sightings of turtles, frogs and beavers.

Trails: After walking downhill from the parking lot at Juanita Bay Park, the path splits into two trails (see map below). The path to the right, leads to a wide Causeway overlooking Juanita Bay (0.5 miles). The path to the left leads to the East and West boardwalks, that travel over the wetlands to end at overlooks with stunning lake views (0.3 miles each).

5 best things to do at Juanita Bay Park

1. Paved Causeway (0.5 miles)

The paved causeway runs parallel to 98th Ave NE, on the eastern side of Juanita Bay. It eventually crosses Forbes Creek at its north end, with gorgeous views of Juanita Bay and Juanita Beach Park across the water. This wide causeway is popular with joggers and dog owners, and gets especially busy on the weekends. It follows the historic Market Street Trail that was part of the old road through this area. There’s also lots of seating if you want to stop and pause for a rest.

2. East Boardwalk - Nature Trail (0.3 miles)

Head deep into the wetlands by following the East Boardwalk that ends at an overlook over Juanita Bay, then look out at the water full of beautiful white pond lilies and duckweed.

3. West Boardwalk - Nature Trail (0.3 miles)

Walk out along the West Boardwalk to the overlook at Nelson Point, with even more panoramic views of Juanita Bay.

4. First Sunday Interpretive Walks

The Eastside Audubon society does first Sunday interpretive walks at Juanita Bay Park.

5. Self-guided Audubon tour

You can do your own self-guided Audubon Tour by reading the interpretive signs at Juanita Bay Park.

The parking lot at Juanita Bay Park.

The East Boardwalk Nature Trail (0.3 miles).

The final overlook over Juanita Bay, at East Boardwalk Nature Trail (0.3 miles).

Beautiful white pond lilies and duckweed in the open, shallow water at Juanita Bay Park.


It’s hard to believe that Juanita Bay Park was once the location for the Juanita Bay Golf Course, open from 1932 to 1975. This was a big hit with neighborhood kids and adults, and the only public golf course in this area.  After the golf course closed down, it didn’t take long for the wetlands to reclaim the 9-hole course.

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