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Original Starbucks

The Original Starbucks is at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Visit the Original Starbucks store where this global phenomenon began in 1971, spawning an astounding 32,000 stores worldwide today.

The original facade is under historic protection so you're in for a treat, because not much has changed. Everything is original!

The store is amongst all the action at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, located at 1912 Pike Place, Seattle 98101.

Be prepared join a very long line to get inside the Original Starbucks, especially on busy summer days. 

5 things to see at the Original Starbucks

1. Admire the 50 year old original Starbucks sign on the front facade. Starbucks was named after the chief-mate of the whaling ship Pequod in Moby Dick.  Rumor has it, that it was almost named Pequod!  

2. See the original Starbucks logo. The brown, circular logo features a bare chested two-tailed mermaid with the words coffee/tea/spices, and is different from the minimalist, green design of today.

3. View all the original fixtures inside this 1,000 square foot store, including the vintage brass labels on the coffee bins, creaky wooden floors, and rustic countertops. 

4. Notice the lack of chairs and seating?  That's because when the original Starbucks opened it was a place to purchase coffee beans only, not sip freshly brewed coffee. This all changed when the Director of Marketing, Howard Schultz, visited Milan in the 1980's and discovered families and friends spending hours mingling at cafes in piazzas.  In 1988 he purchased Starbucks outright and became it's CEO, adopting a new store design and approach where customers were encouraged to hang out and enjoy a cup of coffee. This was the start of mass market coffee culture in the United States.

5. Purchase something from the modern menu at the Original Starbucks.  All your favorites are here, so enjoy a beverage or treat from the Original Starbucks menu.

Fun things to do near the Original Starbucks.

After visiting the Original Starbucks, stroll through the nearby, vibrant Pike Place Market, and stop for a selfie at the fun Gum Wall

Discover other Seattle Waterfront attractions like the cool marine life at the Seattle Aquarium, or take a thrilling ride on the Seattle Great Wheel.   

You can also drive 10-minutes to Capitol Hill to see the impressive 15,000 square foot Starbucks Reserve Roastery, with lots of coffee blends to sample, in a slick space.

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