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Inspiration Playground

The Inspiration Playground is at the Bellevue Downtown Park in Bellevue, on Seattle's Eastside.

This imaginative playground was constructed in 2017, with plenty of hands-on equipment, slides, swings, and towers to climb.

There's a section for 2-5 year olds (Imagination Station), and another section for 5-12 year olds (Whimsey Play Area).

In summer the waterplay area is also available, with waterfalls, a stream and pop jet water sprays.

10 Best Things to Do at Inspiration Playground

1. Climb on the play structure.

2. Check out the Imagination Station for 2-5 year olds.

3. Climb on the massive Climbing Vine.

4. Slide from the top of the Climbing Vine.

5. Ride on the We-Saw, that accommodates 4 people instead of 2.

6. Bang on the drums in the Rockin Music Area.

7. Play the xylophone in the Rockin Music Area.

8. Climb the structure on the Whimsey Play Area.

9. Ride the King of the Hill Slide.

10. Join a friend on the swing.

11. Hang out at the water play area with a stream and jet sprays.

12. Ride on the Spinner Bowl.

13. Sit under the Wisdom Tree, that glows in the dark.

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