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Fishermans Terminal

Seattle Fishermans Terminal is a bustling, commercial fishing port, with a restaurant overlooking the boat fleet.

The Fishermans Terminal is located in a Seattle neighborhood just 15 minutes north of downtown, west of the Ballard Bridge. 

It has a busy waterfront restaurant overlooking the commercial fishing port, and a casual pub, gift shop, and to-go fish bar.

Seattle is originally a fishing and logging town, and the Fishermans Terminal provides a glimpse into the city's roots. This is the place where you take visitors, to give them the quintessential Seattle experience. 

The Fishermans Terminal is located at 3919 18th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119. The two restaurants are Chinooks (check hours) and the Highliner Public House (check hours).

5 best things to do at Fishermans Terminal

1. Enjoy water views from Chinook's Restaurant.

Enjoy a fresh seafood meal at Chinook's Restaurant while watching all the bustling activity out on the water at this commercial fishing port. Chinook's Restaurant has both indoor seating, and a patio for warm summer days.

It's fascinating to get an up-close look at commercial fishing boats, where fisherman risk life and limb on each excursion. These hardworking fishing boats are draped in fishing nets and buoys, with hulking life rafts draped over their sides.  Many of these boats make the long journey into the dangerous, freezing waters of the Bering Sea off Alaska.

2.  Stroll along the vibrant waterfront at the Fishermans Terminal.

The Seattle Fishermans Terminal houses the North Pacific Fishing Fleet which generates 5,000 jobs and half a billion in revenue annually.  The fleet heads out into Alaskan waters during summertime, then returns to the Fishermans Terminal during their winter hiatus.   

There are 500 vessels in total, and you might even see some wooden schooners from the early days.  Fishing has always been an important part of Seattle's economy, dominated by Scandinavian immigrants in the early days.

These are some of the 500 vessels in the fishing fleet at the Fishermans Terminal.

There's a touching waterside memorial at the Fishermans Terminal, dedicated to fallen fisherman. Dozens of fisherman have perished in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

3.  Pick up a yummy to-go meal at Little Chinooks, with salmon tacos, shrimp cocktails and more.

Little Chinooks is an offshoot of the main Chinooks restaurant, and has a convenient kiosk that sells to-go meals.  Pick up some food, then sit at one of the outdoor tables and watch all the activity out on the water.

4.  Shop for fresh fish straight off the boat!

Stop by the Wild Salmon Seafood Market at the Fishermans Terminal for fresh fish, and purchase crab, halibutblack cod and salmon straight off the boat.

5.  Enjoy a pub meal in a relaxed setting.

The Highliner Public House is a casual pub at the Fishermans Terminal, with both indoor and patio seating.  It's perfect for families.  

Know before you go 

  • Fishermans Terminal address: 3919 18th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119. 
  • Restaurants:  Chinooks (restaurant), Little Chinooks (take-out) Highliner Public House (pub).

Other things to do near the Fishermans Terminal

Visit nearby Discovery Park with stunning coastal trails, a lighthouse, and historic military buildings. This is a must-see, and the kid's playground is fabulous.  The Ballard Locks are just down the road from the Seattle Fishermans Terminal, and have lovely gardens and a fish ladder.

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