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Kelsey Creek Farm

Kelsey Creek Farm is a short drive from downtown Bellevue, on Seattle's Eastside.

The farm is at the north end of an 150-acre city park, in a picturesque setting that includes lawned areas, pastures with grazing animals, wetlands, and a creek. The park also has a picnic shelter, playground, and some beautiful walking trails.

The farm was founded in 1921 by the Duey Family, and was originally known as the Twin Valley Dairy. Today it hosts day camps, educational activities, and guided farm tours. 

You can also drop by Kelsey Creek Farm to stroll around the farm grounds and see two historic dairy barns, a pioneer cabin, and farm animals like chickens, cows, goats, rabbits, ponies and pigs.

Admission and parking are free, and the park is open all year.

10 best things to do at Kelsey Creek Farm

1. Dairy Barns

Walk up to the two historic dairy barns at the top of the hill, and read the fascinating interpretive signs about the Twin Valley Dairy founded in 1921. The dairy delivered milk and cheese to local Bellevue residents each day.

The white barn pictured above was constructed in 1933, and was where the cows were milked.  The smaller barn in-front was a processing area for the milk. The white barn is used to house animals today.

The larger white barn further up the hill was later constructed in 1943, and runs all the educational programs for Kelsey Creek Farm.

2. Fraser Cabin

The Fraser Cabin was constructed in 1888 by two Norwegian loggers, and is a great example of an early pioneer’s home in Bellevue.  The interior of the barn can only be accessed as part of an educational program.

3. Small animal area

The small animal area has a poultry coup with chickens, a waterfowl section with Muscovy Ducks and Welsh Harlequin Ducks, and a viewing area full of rabbits.

4. Big animals in pastures

Stroll downhill to the pastures, to see the larger farm animals like the Irish Dexter cows, Bella and Franny. There's also goats, sheep and pigs.  

5. Pony enclosure

Head back up the hill to see the resident ponies, with pony rides available as part of some educational programs at Kelsey Creek Farm.

6. Tours and Day Camps

Sign up for guided farm tours or day camps at Kelsey Creek Farm, with barn chores, animal interactions, and fun craft activities (check schedule).

7. Special Events

Participate in annual special events at Kelsey Creek Farm, like sheep shearing, the farm fair, and barn lighting during the holiday season (check schedule).

8. Playground

Hang out at the large playground, just a short walk from Kelsey Creek Farm.

9. Kelsey Creek Trail

Explore beautiful trails at Kelsey Creek Farm, like the Kelsey Creek Trail.

10. Picnics

Book the large picnic shelter near Kelsey Creek Farm, or find a picnic table on the grounds of this beautiful park.

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