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Brackett's Landing North

Brackett’s Landing North is a popular sandy beach on the Edmonds waterfront, 25 minutes north of Seattle.  It’s a fabulous place to watch west-facing sunsets, or ferries gliding across Puget Sound.  Swimming is not recommended, because the water is too cold (and no lifeguards).

The whole waterfront area at Brackett’s Landing was once populated by over a dozen sawmills, and was named after George Brackett.  Brackett founded Edmonds in 1876, building the first sawmill and wharf in this town.

Today the beach is divided into two sections (north and south), by the modern Ferry Terminal.  It’s a 30 minute ferry ride from here to Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula.

5 best things to do at Brackett’s Landing North 

1. Sunbathe on the sandy beach, directly north of the Ferry Terminal. 

2. Eat lunch at the picnic tables at the northern end of the beach.

3. Go scuba diving in 2.5 miles of water trails at Brackett’s Landing North, part of the 27-acre Underwater Park created in 1970.

4. Follow the path along the breakwater.

5. Continue beyond the breakwater to Sunset Beach.

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