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Living Computers Museum

Visit the Living Computers Museum to see all the gadgets from your past.

This fun museum chronicles the history of computing from the 1980s to today, and will take you on a big nostalgia trip!

There's lots of hands-on displays where you get to operate vintage computers like a Commodore 64 and Apple 1.

The Living Computers Museum is divided into themes, including 1980s computers, robotics, virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, digital art, and games.

The Living Computers Museum is located at 2245 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134, just 10 minutes south of downtown Seattle. Check hours & admission (parking is free).

10 best things to do at Living Computers Museum

1. Experience the life of a typical 1980's American teenager at Total 80's Rewind. 

Check out this 1980's basement, with a nintendo console, a turntable, cassettes, and a phone answering machine!

The Living Computers Museum has recreated an 80's classroom, with an overhead projector and vintage Apple computers.

Step inside an 80's pinball arcade, with iconic games like Ms Pac-man and Donkey Kong.

2.  Operate a self driving car at the Living Computers Museum, as it speeds down a highway.  

3.  Place an object in front of the Deep Visualization Toolbox, to see if it can guess what you are holding.  

4. Learn about useful applications for Big Data at the Living Computers Museum.  For example, the Global FinPrint Project tracks diminishing populations of sharks and stingrays on a world map, using baited remote underwater video.  

5. Use an original Commodore 64 computer at the Living Computers Museum.

6. Create stunning digital art.

7.  Check out the first video game ever created in 1958, Tennis for Two.

8.  Visit the Game Makers Space at the Living Computers Museum.

9.  Learn about robotics, including the ill-fated Jibo Inc (2014 to 2018).

10.  Teach your kids to code at the Living Computers Museum, with the fun Dash Robot.

Know before you go 

  • Living Computers Museum address:  2245 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134
  • Hours, admission and tours:  check here.
  • Cafe: yes.
  • Gift shop: yes.
  • Parking:  free parking lot on-site.

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